Vertical cabinets

De Rigo Refrigeration multi-deck vertical cabinets represent the ideal answer to the multiple furnishing needs of the store with a high level of energy efficiency. The modern design highlights the products on display and the full-height glazed doors allow maximum goods visibility.

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Multi-shelf vertical cabinet, with or without doors, suitable for displaying delicatessen, dairy products (class 3M2), pre packed meat (class 3M1) and fruit/vegetables (class 3H). Thanks to the technology developed in collaboration with the University of Padua, Angel offers the revolutionary ECOSYSTEM concept that ensures great results in terms of energy savings.

Range EURO PUKET 2.0

Multi-deck cabinet, available with and without doors, suitable for displaying prepacked meat (class 3M1), delicatessen and dairy products (class 3M2), fruit and vegetables and fresh salads (class 3H). The extremely modern and minimalist look, the LED lighting and the transparent panoramic double glazed endwalls make sure the products displayed can be clearly seen.

Range TIMOR 2.0

Vertical glass door cabinet for the display of prepacked meat (class 3M1); ice cream and frozen foods (class 3L1). Timor 2.0 range is the ideal solution for all the customer’s display needs in terms of size, sturdiness and robustness, not to mention the customisation options available in terms of lighting, bumper rails and doors. They offer exceptional visibility of the displayed products, with a large TDA, coupled with an optimum temperature performance.