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Vertical cabinets

De Rigo Refrigeration multi-deck vertical cabinets represent the ideal answer to the multiple furnishing needs of the store with a high level of energy efficiency. The modern design highlights the products on display and the full-height glazed doors allow maximum goods visibility.

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Angel is a range of medium temperature multi-shelf vertical cabinet features the revolutionary ecosystem concept, developed in collaboration with the University of Padua, that ensures great results in terms of energy savings.
The air flow is designed to keep the temperature of the products the same in every part of the unit, avoiding any loss of cold air (leading to energy waste) and maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature.
Angel is characterized by the elegance of the shapes that are perfectly suited to any display need; from the small store to the hypermarket.
Angel is available in the following versions: ANGEL, ANGEL DOORS, ANGEL LF and ANGEL DOORS LF.

Range EURO PUKET 2.0

The Euro Puket 2.0 is a medium temperature multi-shelf vertical cabinet range is characterized by a markedly modern and minimalist aesthetic, that are perfectly suited to any display need, also offering excellent energy performance. The LED lighting and the transparent panoramic double glazed endwalls make also sure the products displayed can be clearly seen.
Euro Puket 2.0 is available in the following versions: open (EURO PUKET 2.0), with doors (EURO PUKET DOORS 2.0) and roll-in (EUROPUKET 2.0 ROLL-IN).

Range TIMOR 2.0

Timor 2.0 is the perfect choice for the customer looking for a range of multi-shelf vertical glass door cabinet benches that have a uniform aesthetics in both positive and negative models. These vertical cabinets ensure exceptional visibility of the products on display; also offering a high TDA. Timor 2.0 is an extremely robust cabinet, with excellent performance in terms of consumption.
The Timor 2.0 range is available in two medium temperature versions, TIMOR 2.0 and TIMOR 2.0 P750, and two low temperature versions, TIMOR 2.0 BT and TIMOR 2.0 P750 BT.