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Our History

De Rigo Refrigeration was founded as Surfrigo Nord in 1965 in Trichiana (Belluno - Italy), thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Ennio and Walter De Rigo, which best represents the skills and perseverance of the entrepreneurship in north eastern Italy. The business began with the production of plug-in refrigerated counters and cold rooms, then expanded in the late 1980s with the development of remote counters and the acquisition, in 1990, of Detroit, a historic company active in the field of industrial refrigeration since 1953.

Following the merger of the Surfrigo plants in Trichiana and Pomezia and Detroit, De Rigo Refrigeration was founded in 2005, headed by the family holding company which also includes the De Rigo Vision, one of the world leaders in the production of eyeglasses, and De Rigo Real Estate.
The company's growth continued in the second decade of the 21st century both from the commercial aspect, with the opening of new branches in Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Peru, and from the industrial aspect, with the launch of a new range of CO2 refrigeration units.


Constitution of Surfrigo Nord and start-up production of plug-in and cold room panels.


Start-up production of remote cabinets.


Acquisition of the historical “Detroit” company, leader in the production of remote cabinets.


By the merger of Surfrigo and Detroit De Rigo Refrigeration was established.


Begins production of refrigeration systems.


Launch of the new R290 plug-in cabinets range.


Opening of De Rigo Refrigeration branches in Spain, United Arab Emirates and Peru.


New multideck “Angel” range with the innovative Ecosystem technology.


New partnership with Advansor for transcritical CO2 rack systems.


New patented products presented in Euroshop.