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Serve over

Serve-over counters form De Rigo Refrigerationare designed for the display and sale of fresh food products and are available as serve-over and self-service solutions. The technologically innovative solutions offer real energy savings and the modern design guarantees great visibility to the exhibited goods.

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Range PATMOS 2.0

The Patmos 2.0 range offers an essential design, standing out for its light and transparent lines that guarantee excellent visibility of the goods on display. With its various setup and ducting options, and the numerous models available, the Patmos 2.0 range is presented as a highly versatile solution, ideal for any sales area, from a small specialist shop to a large supermarket.
Available in the following versions: serve-over, self service (LS), hot sections (TC), meat (MEAT and LR), not refrigerated (NR), and semi-vertical (SV).
To complete the range, a version called “HQ” with a 130 mm higher front was created.
The Patmos HQ 2.0 is available in the following versions: served, hot table (TC), meat (MEAT) and non-refrigerated (NR).

Range MILOS 2.0

The Milos 2.0 serve over range offers solutions with a minimum footprint on the ground, without having to give up a large display area.
The compact dimensions, the flexibility, enhanced merchandising, makes it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized stores.
Milos 2.0 is available in the following versions: serve over (MILOS 2.0), self-service (MILOS 2.0 LS), hot sections (MILOS 2.0 TC) and not refrigerated (MILOS 2.0 NR).
Milos 2.0 range is also available in plug-in version.


The Barron serve over range offers exceptional visibility of the displayed product thanks to a totally glass structure, without uprights and visible components.
The sleek, essential and transparent design make it an elegant piece of furniture, that adapts well to any display surface.
The Barron range is available in the following versions: serve over, self service(LS), hot sections (TC) and not refrigerated (NR).


The Patmos serve-over counter offers excellent quality and appearance levels that respond to customer needs; ensures excellent visibility of the products on display.
An ideal solution for small, medium and large stores, thanks to the choice of open and closed corners.

Range KAI

The Kai serve over range is characterized by an essential design, with single curve front tempered glass with upward glass opening by means of hydraulic rams and downward swinging glass. The Kai range presents a perfect quality-price ratio.
It is available in the following versions: serve over, self-service (KAI LS), hot sections (KAI TC) and not refrigerated (KAI NR).


Serve over counter, available both in remote and plug-in version, with straight upward opening glazing by means of hydraulic rams with upper glass shelf, suitable for the display and sell of meat (class 3M1), dairy products, delicatessen, cheese and gastronomy (class 3M2). Corner pieces feature straight outward opening glazing and magnetic touch latch. Milos, elegant and stylish, presents a perfect qualityprice balance and offers optimum functional solutions and an excellent presentation of products.