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Vertical cabinets

Plug-in vertical cabinets are designed for small surfaces and to offer maximum ease of movement, thus ensuring high display flexibility.

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Range ONYX

Onyx is a range of vertical display plug-in multi-deck, characterized by a high configuration versatility. Onyx is extremely compact in terms of footprint on the ground, thus offering an ideal solution to the multiple furnishing needs of the store even where space is limited. The visibility of the products on display is excellent, even from the side thanks to the panoramic shoulders.
The Onyx range is suitable for displaying pre packed products such as: meat (class 3M1), cured meats and dairy products (class 3M2), fruit and vegetables (class 3H), ice cream and frozen foods (class 3L1).


Line of positive temperature plug-in vertical cabinets, suitable for displaying prepacked meats, cold cuts, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Thanks to its versatility and various configurations, this line is the ideal response for furnishing any sales surface, in relation to the various layout requirements. The wide range of fittings provide excellent visibility of the goods displayed, and at the same time making it easy for the customer to access the products. Climate class 3M1 - 3M2 - 3H.