Fruit & Vegetables</br>are better and</br>longer preserved | De Rigo Refrigeration

Fruit & Vegetables
are better and
longer preserved

Thanks to a photocatalytic filter in the cabinet

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Patmos 2.0 | De Rigo Refrigeration
Remote Line

Patmos 2.0

Versatility and design

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A 360-degree partner | De Rigo Refrigeration
Refrigeration Systems Line

A 360-degree partner

The widest range of CO2 refrigeration racks

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Angel | De Rigo Refrigeration
Remote Line


High performance and energy savings

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The lighting that </br>sanitizes the cabinet | De Rigo Refrigeration

The lighting that
sanitizes the cabinet

DRR exclusive for commercial refrigeration

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Barron | De Rigo Refrigeration
Remote Line


High product exposure

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New sales and service organization for De Rigo Refrigeration in Serbia!

With a view to improving the pre and after sales service in this strategic area for us, DRR is establishing new partnerships with local companies. 

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De Rigo Refrigeration's presence in Greece is growing

The presence of De Rigo Refrigeration in Greece grows thanks also to a new important partnership signed with KMX Erga, a recognized company in the local commercial refrigeration market.

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Fruit and vegetables are better and longer preserved thanks to a photocatalytic filter

Is it possible to slow down the ripening of fruit & vegetables without using refrigerators or artificial preservatives? The answer is yes, thanks to a photocatalytic filter installed directly on the refrigeration cabinet, which maintains and even improves the quality of fruit and vegetables; it delays their ripening, with additional energy savings as a result of higher preservation temperatures.

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