The lighting that </br>sanitizes the cabinet | De Rigo Refrigeration

The lighting that
sanitizes the cabinet

DRR exclusive for commercial refrigeration

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A 360-degree partner | De Rigo Refrigeration
Refrigeration Systems Line

A 360-degree partner

The widest range of CO2 refrigeration racks

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Patmos 2.0 | De Rigo Refrigeration
Remote Line

Patmos 2.0

Versatility and design

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Angel | De Rigo Refrigeration
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High performance and energy savings

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Barron | De Rigo Refrigeration
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High product exposure

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De Rigo Refrigeration focuses on CO2 and chooses Advansor rack systems

Great success for the presentation events to the Italian market of the new partnership between De Rigo Refrigeration and Advansor, held in Venice and Rome last week. Refrigeration engineers and installers from all over Italy had the opportunity to see first-hand  Advansor refrigeration systems, the widest CO2 range on the market. They also attended an in-depth technical presentation, full of case studies carried out in many different climatic conditions:: from the coldest countries up to Spain and Portugal, where temperatures go over 40 degrees. Paolo Zenatto and Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO of the two companies, underlined the effective collaboration established, which combines Advansor leadership in CO2 with DRR experience and reliability in the commercial refrigeration market.

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Special lighting for De Rigo Refrigeration cabinets offering active protection against virus and bacteria

Exclusively for commercial refrigeration, DRR offers the Biovitae patent, which prevents infection using light. 
By combining light frequencies, BIOVITAE® technology reduces bacterial proliferation, sanitising environments and protecting people against infection, including Covid-19.

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