Banco Fresco, Grand Frais and Fresh have chosen DRR cabinets

One of the recent collaborations that we are most proud has been with Banco Fresco, the all-Italian retail chain of Prosol group; one of the most important players in the large-scale retail sector in France, which has been expanding rapidly in Italy in recent years with a completely independent chain.
The formula is clear and successful, and focuses in particular on fresh and very fresh products: fruit and vegetables, fish, meats, charcuterie, cheese. This strategy requires the utmost attention to product preservation and therefore makes us particularly proud to have fitted out the entire cold section of the most recently opened shops.
The four supermarkets opened in the provinces of Milan, Monza-Brianza and Bergamo between 2022 and 2023 are all in fact equipped with De Rigo Refrigeration counters, and we are very grateful to the management of Banco Fresco for choosing us.
This collaboration also takes us into French territory, where many of the Grand Frais and Fresh brand shops have also chosen DRR cabinets.

Banco Fresco, Grand Frais and Fresh have chosen DRR cabinets | De Rigo Refrigeration