Remote / Vertical cabinets


Multi-shelf vertical cabinet without doors at medium temperature suitable for the display and self-service sale of prepacked products such as meat, delicatessen, dairy products, fruit & vegetables.
Angel is a range features the revolutionary ecosystem concept, developed in collaboration with the University of Padua, that ensures great results in terms of energy savings.The air flow is designed to keep the temperature of the products the same in every part of the unit, avoiding any loss of cold air (leading to energy waste) and maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature.Angel is characterized by the elegance of the shapes that are perfectly suited to any display need; from the small store to the hypermarket.
The Angel range is also available in the following versions: ANGEL DOORS, ANGEL LF and ANGEL DOORS LF.

Climatic class: 3M1 - 3M2 - 3H

Operating temperature (°C): 0/+2 +3/+5 +6/+8
HEIGHT (mm) 2060 2180
LENGTH (mm) 1250 1875 2500 3750 1620* 1940* 2330*
DEPTH (mm) 710 750 950 1130

(*) Head piece

Energy Label

Energy Label D

Information related to energy class shown here refers to a specific cabinet configurations and may significantly change for a different one. For further details, please contact our sales offices and consult the Ecodesign Regulation 2019/2024 and Energy Labelling Regulation 2019/2018.

Product categories

  • Dairy products
  • Drinks
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Pre-packed cheese
  • Pre-packed Chicken
  • Pre-packed Delicatessen
  • Pre-packed fish
  • Pre-packed Gastronomy
  • Pre-packed meat
  • Pre-packed Pastries
  • Pre-packed sandwiches
  • Ready-to-eat fruit & vegetables