De Rigo Vision

Since 1978, we have been sharing a point of view: eyewear excellence. 

First and foremost, De Rigo is a family with a fascinating history, worth telling and sharing. A convergence of experience, reliability and resourcefulness. It was founded in 1978 by the brothers Ennio and Walter De Rigo as a small company of artisans working in the area of Belluno. In the following years, De Rigo SpA grew tremendously, becoming a leading Group in the glasses market.

We carry forth the Italian eyewear style and tradition into the world, placing our experience at the service of the inspiration and aspirations of every single country. Our creations reflect a business made up of people, relationships backed by true values, ongoing research and original creative processes, along with style innovations, inimitable brands and excellent quality. Ours is a unique and unmistakable approach: from the very first day, we decided to believe in people, putting the same care into our relationships as we put into the design and manufacture of our eyewear.