Fruit and vegetables are better and longer preserved thanks to a photocatalytic filter

De Rigo Refrigeration fruit and vegetable cabinets, which are increasingly more efficient in terms of energy, are now also more performing with regard to product preservation as a result of a KtV (Kill the Virus) photocatalytic filter that maintains and even improves the quality of fruit and vegetables; it delays their ripening, with additional energy savings as a result of higher preservation temperatures.

This is the result of the partnership signed by De Rigo Refrigeration with Nanohub, a company specialised in the development of solutions based on nanomaterials for energy efficiency, quality of the environment, wellbeing of people and preservation of goods. In this regard, Nanohub has patented a photocatalytic technology for the control and elimination of ethylene, which is responsible for the ripening of fruit and vegetables, with truly amazing results.

After a period of rigorous tests carried out in its laboratories, De Rigo Refrigeration’s R&D team installed this filter on the cabinets in a Xion of supermarkets, both new openings and retrofit activities, with interesting test results already after the first weeks of being used.
In fact, the data collected highlight:
Fruit lasting longer and with more vitamins as a result of reduced free radicals and, consequently, less oxidation of vitamins
- Up to 30% less waste and reduction of emissions for preservation
Reduction of physiopathologies, such as apical rot, splitting and ripening defects or uneven ripening

Is it possible to slow down the ripening of fruit & vegetables without using refrigerators or artificial preservatives?
The answer is yes, thanks to a photocatalytic filter installed directly on the refrigeration cabinet, which maintains, and even improves, the quality of the fruit and vegetables, delays ripening and prevents cross-contamination with the following benefits:
- Requires low maintenance
Fruit and vegetables can be preserved at higher temperatures with consequent energy saving
- Does not use chemical products
and is therefore compatible with “BIO” productions
Zero UV ray emissions and no decomposition waste, with minimum emission of carbon dioxide and water vapour

De Rigo Refrigeration offers Nanohub technology for all fruit & vegetable cabinets, both new and retrofit.
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Fruit and vegetables are better and longer preserved thanks to a photocatalytic filter | De Rigo Refrigeration