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Serve over counter not refrigerated suitable for the display and sale of bread and not refrigerated products.
The Patmos 2.0 range offers an essential design, standing out for its light and transparent lines that guarantee excellent visibility of the goods on display. With its various setup and ducting options, and the numerous models available, the Patmos 2.0 range is presented as a highly versatile solution, ideal for any sales area, from a small specialist shop to a large supermarket.
The range called "HQ" has a front height greater (+ 130 mm) compared to the standard Patmos 2.0 range.
Patmos HQ 2.0 is also available in the following versions: serve over (PATMOS HQ 2.0) and hot sections (PATMOS HQ 2.0 TC).

HEIGHT (mm) 1275
LENGTH (mm) 937 1250 1562 1875 2500 3125 3750
DEPTH (mm) 900

The depth indicated in the technical sheet refers to the size of the display deck

Energy Label

Model not subject to Energy Labelling (Ecodesign 2019/2024 and Energy Labelling 2019/2018).

Product categories

  • Bread