De Rigo Refrigeration - Dottenfelder Hof

Bad Vilbel - Germany

We are pleased to present you today with an absolutely innovative project which we contributed to by supplying our cabinets.
It is the organic supermarket in Dottenfelder Hof, located north of Frankfurt, between Bad Vilbel and Dortelweil. This supermarket, futuristic even from a design standpoint, represents the last step of a project entailing management of a 190-hectare agricultural area according to strict rules linked to absolute respect for nature, society and local culture.
This model is very widespread and successful in Germany, where they give the utmost attention to the quality of raw materials, the product and naturally food storage in an eco-friendly “green” perspective, also thanks to the use of a CO2 rack system. We are extremely grateful to Dottenfelder Hof for having chosen DRR and our local partner RS Kälte Klima GmbH for the entire cold part; another important step in our growth on the German territory.

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