HR, health and workplace safety are intertwined to create corporate culture

We are mentioned in the latest issue of ISL magazine, a monthly magazine for legal updates and technical guidance on occupational health and safety.
“HR, production, and OHS Management Systems: the experiences of companies” is the title of the interesting article, signed by Flavio Battiston, part of a collection of company experiences that the magazine is dedicating to the topic of Safety, internal climate, and production for the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations. A multi-voice reflection on the relationship between the promotion of human resources, production, and the protection of occupational health and safety.
Graziella Bortot, HR manager, and Loris Guolla, Health and Safety Officer - Management System Manager, spoke on behalf of De Rigo Refrigeration about the extensive organisational and management changes made by our company in recent years, with major investments in safety, training, and skills implementation. A more unified vision of the corporate system has been introduced, which has led the various corporate departments to interact, empowering in particular the sharing of choices on the protection of health and safety and the management of human resources.
In fact, one of DRR’s main objectives is to steer the issue of workers’ health and safety towards a concept of “corporate welfare”, and to do so through a management organisation “model” of our own that can be self-sustaining with the resources of the future.

The full article in Italian is available HERE

HR, health and workplace safety are intertwined to create corporate culture | De Rigo Refrigeration