Great participation in the webinar with Nordcap, our historical customer in Germany

Over 30 people of Company NORDCAP, Germany’s leading distributor in Ho.Re.Ca. and Cooling Market, attended to a webinar organized by De Rigo Refrigeration to introduce some products innovations.
Through presentations and virtual tours in our showroom, the participants got to know  last news: from the Patmos 2.0 line, especially for meat counters, to the Onyx and Amethyst range for plug-ins.
It was an important opportunity to discuss also about the corporate news; De Rigo Refrigeration is investing heavily in supporting the German market, which is in great expansion.
Congratulations to Cristian Corrocher and Andrea Lacedelli , together with the entire Sales and Marketing team, for the organization of this webinar.
A special thanks to Nordcap team for their participation and the great interest shown into the latest news on our range, it is a pleasure to have customers like you.
Guten Arbeit Leute!”

Virtual-tour in unsere Austellungsraum – PATMOS 2.0
Virtual-tour in unsere Austellungsraum – ONYX
Virtual-tour in unsere Austellungsraum – AMETHYST

Great participation in the webinar with Nordcap, our historical customer in Germany | De Rigo Refrigeration