De Rigo Refrigeration's presence in Greece is growing

A new partnership has been signed to offer customers a more direct, efficient and complete service

The presence of De Rigo Refrigeration in Greece grows thanks also to a new important partnership signed with KMX Erga, a recognized company in the local commercial refrigeration market.
De Rigo has been selling its products in Greece for over 30 years and has an established collaboration both with the large international supermarket chains and with the local ones.

From today the contact with our Greek customers is more direct thanks also to the partnership signed with KMX Erg which acts for us both as a distributor and as an agent, according to the specific needs of the customers. The KMX team has strong technical experience in the commercial refrigeration sector and knowledge of De Rigo Refrigeration cabinets. He is also able to provide a pre- and post-sales installation and assistance service throughout the Hellenic territory, also with remote monitoring and a spare parts stock for end users. The collaboration with KMX allows us to offer turnkey solutions, with both traditional gas and CO2 rack systems.

Design and Production  of our cabinets - both remote and plug-in - are located in Sedico (Belluno), a few kilometres from Venice. Ours is a 100% Made in Italy!

Here are some pictures of one of the last supermarket opened in Greece, and many others are in the pipeline. Follow us on our website and LinkedIn page and do not hesitate to contact KMX or directly our headquarters for more information about our products and services we offer in your area.



De Rigo Refrigeration's presence in Greece is growing | De Rigo Refrigeration