De Rigo Group teams up against the pandemic

De Rigo Group teams up against the pandemic and faces market fluctuations by launching an agile organisational model to support the business and its workers.
Never as in this case can it be said that being part of a large Group makes a difference in terms of business and opportunities for workers. Faced with the market trends resulting from the pandemic, two entities of the De Rigo Group, which usually work independently, have realized that strength lies in unity. Through careful work performed jointly by the Human Resource Departments of the two companies, a virtuous circle was promptly created, on which a new organisational model is based to protect the business and workers.
De Rigo Refrigeration, a company of the De Rigo Group and a major player in the  refrigeration industry, was not only scarcely affected by the adverse effects of the pandemic but, on the contrary, has recorded growing orders with tight delivery times.
Conversely, De Rigo Vision, despite having implemented major actions to contrast the inevitable downturn in the market caused by the COVID-19 emergency, has experienced a slowdown in its business.
Hence, on the one hand, an extraordinary opportunity for De Rigo Refrigeration to expand its business with a portfolio of orders that required a boost in production that was difficult to immediately meet. On the other hand, the immediate availability of De Rigo Vision’s expertise which enthusiastically lent itself to supporting colleagues in the refrigeration industry to make this opportunity a tangible reality.
As Ennio De Rigo, President of the Group, explained: “The increase in business is due to the recovery of foreign markets that had “frozen” investments during the pandemic period and to an ongoing growth in the domestic market. Added to this is a substantial increase in orders from the medical sector for refrigerated cabinets which, as we know, are necessary for the Italian vaccination plan. A unique situation, which requires extraordinary efforts to be able to meet such an increase in requests. That is why, thanks to the availability of our personnel, it was possible to promptly respond to market requests by agreeing to temporarily move some of De Rigo Vision workers to De Rigo Refrigeration production departments. Colleagues in the eyewear sector could thus resume their work 100% while enjoying a new, important job experience. An outstanding example of job rotation, teaming up and being part of a great Group”.

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