De Rigo Refrigeration - TOTTUS

Ventanilla - Peru

We are glad to introduce you the first supermarket with a complete water loop system we built in Peru. It is a turnkey store opened in the Ventanilla district, a few kilometers from the capital Lima, for our client TOTTUS. The project was followed by De Rigo Refrigeracion Latam SAC in collaboration with our partner Ofrinsur.
In addition to the Euro Puket 2.0 and Euro Barbados 2.0 line of vertica cabinets, we have installed a line of walk in coolers, both at medium and low temperatures, with doors from our Timor 2.0 line.
The project, tailored to the specific needs of the customer, was carried out in collaboration with Rivacold, for the plant engineering part, with HEOS by Carel management.
We are really proud of how the Peruvian market believes in our products and services. Special thanks to our customer Tottus for choosing us and congratulations to the whole DRR South America team!

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